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Dave Marles factory

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Dave Marles factory

Postby RogerPro » Wed, 04 Jun 2014, 18:57

Um idiota qualquer roubou um carro e pegou-lhe fogo junto da fabrica do Dave Marles e ardeu tudo, 37 anos dedicados aos barcos rc, grande genio nas FSR-V.

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Dave Marles

"My main factory is pictured below. It was destroyed by mindless idiots on June 1st. A car was stolen and parked behind the factory and set on fire which then destroyed everything in there. All personal boats, radios, everything went. All machinery, stock, moulds completely destroyed on June the 1st 2014, a day I will remember for ever. A life's work, 37 years in this business. Anyway we immediately started work to continue orders from our small sales unit and to rebuild stock levels. We lost all CMB engines and spare parts and most Zenoah parts. Luckily we had a big shipment of Tiger Kings and spare parts arrived on 2nd June and many other driveline, radio and other parts are arriving daily as usual. Almost all parts we will have back in stock by June 10th except perhaps fuel tanks and plastic gears. . CMB a little longer, Zenoah in a few days. The biggest loss from a personal point of view are my own and Dean Lords boats, 2 x FSRV27, 2 x FSR3.5, 1 x FSRV7.5 2 x FSRV15, 5 riggers plus backups and several gas and nitro monos. We need to mould boats and we managed to get a Stratos from Mark A Wild locally, an Ikarus 2.2 from Uros Skoflek in Slovenia by way of delivery to Haarlem this weekend and a Tornado T5EVO from Michiel Durenbos, a new racer from Holland. I cannot thank them enough.
The the offers of help from around the world has been overwhelming. The names of those offering boats, money, stock are too numerous to mention.
We have located a new potential factory but in the mean time we have been offered a place in my friends factory, Ninemeister Porsche in Warrington which has all the facilities we need to continue as we were. We will be racing in Dessau with all boats and more determination than ever to do well."

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