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CMB 91 Fuel consumption?

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CMB 91 Fuel consumption?

Postby nicolly13080 » Wed, 18 Jan 2017, 21:45

Hi guys, New to the forum and the world of large nitro racing engines. I've been running small sports nitro engines for a number of years but will be shortly taking the plunge and building a larger scale racing hull. Currently looking at the PMB Kraken or sigma 51.

As I'm so used to running nitro, I'm thinking of sticking with a large nitro engine over a petrol (gas) motor. I've currently got my eye on a CMB 91 RS.The only concern I have is the fuel consumption. Nitro fuel is really expensive in comparison to standard pump gas (over here in the UK 4.5 lts of 20-30% nitro is in the region of £30 + whereas a gallon of petrol is in the region of £5. Six times cheaper.
Do you think for a fun boat / boat to do the odd race, I would be better to go to a petrol engine like a Dave marles modded tiger king ?

Your help and advice is much appreciated. Olly

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