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Getting back into FSRV living in the USA

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Getting back into FSRV living in the USA

Postby hebburnboy » Tue, 18 Dec 2018, 03:55

Hi all,

Well I am starting to get the bug again.
A little about myself.
I am a Brit that has lived in the USA for the past 30 years.
I raced FSR-V-3.5cc, FSR-V-7.5cc and what was then FSR-V-10cc but seems to be the FSR-V-15cc
I raced back in the 1970's with greats like John Stidwill, John Melvile, Alan Hazeldean, Ian Folkson and many others.
Well about 10 years ago I decided to get back into the sport here in the USA but here it is mainly hydros.
I missed the M shaped courses and the mono hulls.
I got a Puma shipped from Prestwich models at no small cost.
I think the engine is a CMB 10cc engine purple head
I never finished the boat.
Well along comes a grand son who is now 6 years old and he sees the boat and searches out FSRV videos on You Tube.
Of course he does not know what FSRV is. But he informs me that this is what my Puma should be used for and asks if we can finish building it.
Well by chance we are going to Italy in 2020 and will be near where the World Championships will be held.
How do we qualify to run in the World Championships? By then my grandson will be almost 8 years old.
Would be cool if I could run in the Senior class and he in the junior.
Are there regulations around as to the construction of the boats?
Looked on iMPBA but only found Race Regulations and nothing on construction.

Would love to hear from you all and your thoughts.

Thank You
Steve Guthrie

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